Rad Stoner

by Bad Donor

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written and recorded summer 2012 in long island, ny


released November 7, 2012

Nick Filippi, Kyle Moore, John Molfetas, and Ben Martines

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by John Molfetas
Artwork by Michael Molfetas


tags: punk rock


all rights reserved


Bad Donor

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Track Name: Longjohns
I went through a year of disappointment and regret but with that I won't forget the things that made me such a mess
I medicate my weary mind with excessive alcohol and the little lies I told myself to help get through it all

But the thing that they don't tell you is that when you don't make it big, the only thing you're left with is some sad songs and some drinks
So what's another night?
I'll waste it all away
If you want to come back to me, I'll have nothing left to say

What can I say?
If it has worked out for my heroes, some liquor and some sorrow must be all I need to borrow for these songs
The passion in the notes you play when you pick up your guitar
Don't let the things that help you write your songs define the person that you are

And we watched the streetlights die on a cold Long Island night
and honestly it's warmer now without you by my side
The lonely boat it beckons off the coast of Lido Beach
and I'd rather see these sights without you anywhere near me

And we watched the streetlights die on a cold Long Island night
and I got warmer like Jeff said ever since you left my side
And we watched the streetlights die on a cold Long Island night
and I'll get warmer like Jeff said if you leave my side
Track Name: Let's Freaky Friday!
Sitting here in the rain
There's something about the way the water hits the ground that hurts my brain
It's not even about the pain
but the way I walked alone and not back home, but down the road again
This lonely sky consumed the clouds and left these raindrops all around
A subtle stare at those you see will help the world believe that they can rise and become all that they can be

But it's not meant to last
These troubled minds of ours
Are figments of the past
A generation stirs
Acting on a whim
Grasping at short straws
but ignored they'll never win

But how many times will we get bummed out
by things as harmless as the clouds that drown our town out now
You can spend all night waiting up for the sunshine
but I've learned that there are days where the sun just won't rise

It's not a dream, it's what it seems as my voice fades to an echo
Abandoned hopes and goals, suburban streets
I smile at everyone I meet just to prove I haven't let go
But the winding roads that flow all down the eastern coast will not give up on me like the many people who've claimed to have cared for me the most

Don't go on all alone
Don't go home, we'll make our own

As time flies by I start to realize the things that I convinced myself of all were lies
Track Name: You'll Have to Speak Up, I'm Wearing a Towel
So now I'm confident with my words
And I'm not so lonely anymore, no
When my car breaks down at the end of the block and you laugh
When you want to go home, it's okay with me

I guess I did too much and you're not impressed
Nothing's working like it did
And I'll be okay, yeah, I'll be fine
I'll fall back on my friends

I play something new everyday
Day-time softball with my friends
And I laugh when I think about it
Thinking it would work and I would be okay

Miserable, I didn't expect to see you here
Track Name: Ewoks & Gungans
Yesterday I saw a man who didn't look so well
He stumbled out of 7-11, there was something you could tell
that troubled him, I saw it in his somber, blood-shot eyes
He swung and punched the garbage can and quickened his demise
But I drove away instead of helping him

And I know that I could easily be that man in ten years
With a couple bad mistakes and hidden tears
When he looked right in my windshield, I looked down
It's a timid, anxious habit that I've found

As he tried to find himself and walk away
The drugs that burned inside of him blocked what he longed to say
That he could use a breather, he's lived on the streets too long
Just wish that I could find some place that I feel like I belong

I'm not afraid of what could transpire if I don't fan these flames that spread like wildfire
If there's one thing that you can learn from others' past mistakes, it's that all it takes is one wrong turn to fall flat on your face

And I know that I could easily be that man in ten years
Bide my time, fall victim to my fears
When he lost his step, you bet he started crawling
It makes me wonder just how far I've fallen