Summer 2013

by Bad Donor

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released October 22, 2013

nick filippi - guitar, bass, vocals
kyle moore - guitar, bass, vocals
ben martines - drums
john molfetas - guitar

pat linehan - piano, keyboard, percussion

recorded/mixed/mastered by john molfetas


tags: punk indie rock


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Bad Donor

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Track Name: Outregis Philbin
slept through another month, i didn't save a buck
let time pass me by like all my fleeting luck
i heard your messages but didn't listen to a word they said
my mind, it wandered off and got lost on its own again instead

but why should i care?
there's something burning in the air
when you defend the endless tragedy that no one wants you there

and when you close your eyes at night and the world comes crashing down on you, you'll know i'll always be around
i'll dive into the night sky of the summer by your side as the days go by, my nature stays the same
Track Name: Ballskin Coat
here's to hoping that my friends never figure me out
'cause this dirt i stand on will mean nothing
september's here and you're gone for school
i can't help but feel i'm being slowed down

can we fix these problems?
can you talk it out with me?

the sky seems stuck and even passed out
but i'm learning these things can be alright
i'm faced with adversity, it's beating me down
but i trust someone will help me from the ground

we're stuck on the highway and it's freezing cold
and now you;'re shaking because you forgot your coat
what the hell are we doing here?
i'm too indecisive, i'm afraid i can't change

so tell me i'm not the only one with all these anxious habits
remind me how to take care of myself and to keep myself grounded

the night sky beats me down
and i'm losing faith in my town
can't believe it, just haven't been myself
Track Name: Stoned in the Chalk Zone
why do the things we say convince us that the games we play are fine?
i'm breathing heavily but you'll never make me jump back in line
no i won't consider waiting on that line
it's something i will teach you in time

why is this not enough for us?
we left home on a broken course
the train came off the tracks and we turned back
the mystery that captures our humble hearts
it takes them right from us
stares us in the face

and now i'm sitting here alone, a tied up mind becomes my home
i'm searching for a relief that i can call my own
and it won't be long at all before it comes
but certain things have happened
happenings, they keep me on my feet
they keep my head raised high and far away from the concrete
and you'll gently mouth "i miss you" in your sleep

she let her hair down and looked straight up
sometimes even the skies we claim to love just ain't enough
so many memories could fill me up
i struggle with my breathing as i get off at your stop
so many memories that i've made up
sometimes even the skies we claim to love just ain't enough
so many melodies could lift you up
i struggle with my breathing as i get off at your stop